Taking Stock of the Past Decade

• Planning for the Future:

A Summit on Farmland Protection and Farm Viability in the Hudson Valley


Produced by the Lower Hudson Long Island

Resource Conservation & Development Council


The Hudson Valley Agricultural Partnership


On November 20th, 2014, LHLIRCD produced a great summit, bringing together over 50 stakeholders, policymakers, farmers and experts to discuss, share and debate issues around farmland protection and farm viability in the Hudson Valley.


The day began with a stellar lineup of speakers including Ag & Markets Commissioner Richard Ball, Jerry Cosgrove, Local Economies Project; co-founder of the Hudson Valley Agricultural Partnership, John Brennan, Farmland Protection Specialist, New York State Ag & Markets, Steve Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Scenic Hudson and Elizabeth Higgins, of the Dutchess County Cornell Cooperative Extension.


The rest of the day featured roundtable discussions led by expert moderators and debriefs on what was discussed in each of the subgroups.


Attendees had time to network with influential colleagues in their respective fields during a delicious, locally sourced breakfast and lunch as well as learn from, and share with, one another during the summit's more structured sessions.


The goal of this summit was to bring a diverse group of people into the same room and for them to brainstorm new solutions for a more sustainable agricultural sector in the Hudson Valley. Not only did participants come up with great ideas, they made great contacts with whom they were motivated to collaborate and effect change moving forward.


Please find below the summit program; the final report summarizing and collating notes from all the sessions, evaluation surveys and presentations; and PowerPoint presentations by three of the presenters.


The Ag Summit Program

The AG Summit Debrief/Final Report

Steve Rosenberg's PowerPoint on the Hudson Valley Foodshed

John Brennan's PowerPoint on Farmland Protection Plans in the Hudson Valley

Elizabeth Higgins' PowerPoint on 2012 Ag Census for the Hudson Valley